Our community

As we are the sum of our surrounding relationships, Con-Sent ADR is widely entangled in a lively network of partner affiliates and organizations whose specialized skills and resources add value to our work.

Whether through cooperation on specific areas of practice, or by keeping open lines as to continuous learning and current research, they enable us to achieve our mission.


Organizations with whom communication lines are open on a permanent basis. Their specific expertise strengthens Con-Sent ADR’s knowledge base.

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With these organizations, cooperation agreements have been established as to the supply of mediation expertise and services, or capacity building.

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Relevant affiliations in the mediation realm, aiming at active research, exchange, training, and the conduct of mediation advocacy projects.

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Structural Partnerships


Headquartered at Geneva, global capital of assisted negotiation, GENEVACCORD ADR gathers a group of highly specialized mediators, speakers and lecturers, dedicated at the resolution of local and international conflicts in the fields of trade and commerce, intercultural, administrative and political issues, as well as in the art of  body-language, non- and para-verbal behavior, and public speaking.

Founded and chaired by Guy A. Bottequin, on the leading edge of mediation practice in Europe and the French-speaking world, the GENEVACCORD ADR group incorporates the first Research Academy aimed at improving the process of conflict mediation, in close dialogue with the policy-makers.

Drawing strength from their common vision as to the reliability of the mediator and the guide values of independence, impartiality, neutrality and strict confidentiality, GENEVACCORD ADR & Con-Sent ADR have joined forces in order to establish a Pan-European axis (Amsterdam – Brussels – Paris – Lyon – Geneva – Turin) dedicated to promote and develop mediation in a sustainable and effective manner, and to contribute to the quality of ongoing training.  


Van Cuyck & Partners is a full-service Belgian law firm. Although in mediation, legal aspects are not necessarily predominant, it lies within the mediators’ role to assure that parties are accurately informed on the formal status of their dispute. This legal information can be acquired by the parties themselves, upon which the mediator will assess whether it is sufficient, and if necessary work as a safeguard. Whereas Con-Sent ADR’s mediators in France and the Netherlands have their own activities as attorneys, law firm Van Cuyck & Partners is the legal back-office of Con-Sent ADR in Belgium. Founding Partner Mieke Van Cuyck is not only an experienced certified mediator herself, but she is also the spouse of Georges Hanot, Con-Sent ADR’s Founding Partner. 


Conessence provides hands-on and expert financial services to companies. Its partners and staff have the talent and techniques to create information out of the high data volumes that risk to suffocate modern businesses. As the stakes of a dispute can often be quantified, the accuracy of financial information can be essential during the path towards settlement or agreement. When needed, and upon Con-Sent ADR’s request and supervision, Conessence can provide neutral and expert information to parties in a conflict. 





Chamber of Commerce and Industry Voka, is Flanders' most representative employers' organization. It represents over 18.000 companies in Flanders and Brussels, thus covering 65% of private employment, and 66% of Flanders’ added value. Dedicated to entrepreneur effectiveness, Voka has engaged in various initiatives aimed at promoting mediation as the preferred way in conflict resolution. Besides being a Voka-member, Georges Hanot is part of Voka’s pool of accredited mediators for Eastern Flanders.



Affiliations and Memberships


International Mediation Institute (IMI) has transcended local jurisdictions to develop global professional standards for experienced mediators, advocates, and others involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation processes. IMI's International Standards have been established and approved by the Independent Standards Commission (ISC), a body of more than seventy Mediators, Users, Judiciary, Providers, Trainers, and Educators from twenty-seven countries. Con-Sent ADR’s Virginie Martins de Nobrega has been admitted as young IMI mediator.


Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI) is a non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with communities worldwide to build their conflict resolution capacity for preventing, resolving, and healing from conflict. While MBBI acts across geographical, political, economic, societal, and cultural boundaries, it is not a first responder and does not intervene in the midst of violent crises, but deploys sustainable peace building initiatives responsive to the needs and culture of the communities, and to the history of each conflict. Both Virginie Martins de Nobrega and Georges Hanot are associate members of the organization.


Bemiddeling vzw promotes the use of mediation in various professional and private settings to resolve disputes. It supports expansion of mediation practices of family and social mediators as well as in civil and commercial matters. For this purpose Bemiddeling vzw organizes trainings and seminars, where its members can broaden and deepen their knowledge and expertise and have the opportunity to participate in networking. Furthermore, Bemiddeling vzw works on raising public awareness and increases, thereby, the level of support. As a member of Bemiddeling vzw, Georges Hanot participates in trainings and supervisions.


bMediation is an independent organization whose mission is to optimize the prevention, management and resolution of dispute, and offering mediation, training and consultancy services, as well as the organization of mediation dedicated events and conferences. Along with providing a route to federal accreditation as a mediator, the bMediation trainings also lead up to their private certification program as bMediator. Roger Ritzen has trained as a bMediator, and is certfied as such.


Founded in 2003, the Belgian Union of Professional Mediators (UBMP-BUPB) originated out of the perspective of representation and professional development of mediators, active in various disciplines. Officially recognized by both the Council of State and the Federal Mediation Commission, its mission is to associate all mediators to the political decisions regarding the future of mediation, whilst engaging in advocacy and awareness actions. Georges Hanot is an effective member of UBMP-BUPB.