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In conflict resolution, ADR usually refers to alternative dispute resolution, whereas alternative stands for an alternative way to the one through court.

At Con-Sent ADR, we foremost think in terms of what is appropriate.

Headquartered at the very heart of Europe in Belgium, and with locations in France and The Netherlands, our specific aim is the efficient solution of conflicts, between and within companies, organizations and public authorities, as well as in relation with individual citizens. Dedicated, experienced and passionate professionals handle disputes between parties, both locally and internationally. Within organizations, Con-Sent ADR’s transformative approach towards conflict also enables the improvement of team dynamics.

Georges Hanot, Founding Partner: “We believe that people in general, and leaders and entrepreneurs in particular, must concentrate all their possible energy on the development of their businesses. Competition is hard, times are tough: their full attention must be right at their core.

Differences and disputes are of all times: where people interact, conflicts arise. Differences also enrich us: doesn’t “truth emerge from the clash of ideas”? However, once the battle stations have been taken up for a confrontation in court , the collateral damage of escalated conflicts can be heavy…

This all-too-often tendency to solve disputes, be it with external - or internal - parties, via time- and energy consuming judicial procedures is compromising to, and can even jeopardize the core-business.

It is also our belief that - in most cases - parties have all the interest in not giving out of hand the control over the situation, which in case of a court battle is a mere fact: since a judge will decide, whatever party loses control .

That decision will not always, or at least not by all parties , be considered as “just”. And very frequently so, it will mark the end of a business relationship or cooperation.

At Con-Sent ADR, we are committed to keeping parties in full control on their path towards agreement and settlement.” 

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The Con-Sent Manifesto

"We are dedicated to helping businesses, organizations and institutions, as well as individuals, to resolve conflict and move forward by providing creative, accurate, thorough and effective mediation solutions.

Our engagement is to work evenly hard for all parties that entrust us with a mediation mission, and treat them with respect and consideration, through cooperation and open communication.

We empower parties, and make them masters of their fate*." 

*from Invictus, by William Ernest Henley


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